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"Need a valentine?   Hire a headhunter."   The Globe and Mail

"These are the Romance Rangers.   They are called Matching Agents and their job is to handle the awkward stuff..."   Global TV

"Paddi Rice of Executive Search Dating, a boutique dating headhunter for professionals, finds his clientele gender split even - but only because they proactively seek out potential dating partners when the membership balance is out of whack..."   CBC news

"An advancement in the dating world..."   The Beat 94.5 FM

"The ESD screening process ensures that the database is made up of honest, safe and mature people..."   BC Business Magazine

"For the company's clients, signing on for the executive dating service is like getting a personal trainer for your love life..."   The Vancouver Sun

"Executive Search Dating doesn't just rely on its pool of members that happen to come to them.   Staff and several city-savvy associates are on the streets and attending events where singles are found, actively promoting and recruiting..."   Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine

"Are you an executive whose work is your life but you want more, but don't have time to do anything about it?   Executive Search Dating may be just what you need..." News 1130 AM

"Tired of trolling the bars looking for love?   Well, Vancouver's Executive Search Dating has the answer: a date headhunting service..." Marketing Magazine



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